Critical Room Control

Critical Room Control (CRC) is the leading technology company developing superior solutions for the critical Laboratory, Life Science and Healthcare environment.

We provide integrated solutions for easy to navigate space management systems. We continually strive to implement the latest technology to create safer and more efficient working environment.

CRC solutions can be found in today’s top facilities where our control strategies and sequences are used to improve the work environment, safety and create an overall better user experience.

CRC are known for the ability to integrate solutions into an easy to use management system, and provide best in class controls coupled with interface devices that improve space management and access to critical user information.

Brand Details

Through technology and innovation CRC uniquely delivers a system that ensures safety while optimizing energy efficiency and a great work environment.

From the revolutionary design of our patented closed loop venturi air valve to our touch screen user interface devices, our systems have changed the expectations of the modern critical space.

The CRC solution offers:

  • Open architecture controls allowing for customized solutions
  • Fast, accurate, quiet and reliable room ventilation, temperature, humidity and pressure control
  • Safe and efficient occupant working conditions
  • Energy efficient control sequences
  • Safe closed loop control with true variable feedback
  • Local access to critical information at the touch of a finger
  • Fully automated room sequencing and safety procedures
  • Simple to navigate safety indication and alarming
  • Automated space management and room turnover sequencing
  • Improved user experience with clear intuitive user interfaces


  • Healthcare Solutions: Patient Rooms, Surgical Suites, Pharmacy / Oncology
  • Life Science Solutions: Vivarium / Animal Rooms, Open Labs
  • Laboratory Solutions: Clean Room Solutions, Wet Chemistry Labs, Bio-containment facilities (BSL)

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