VENTS™ is one of the world’s leading Air Handling Unit and Ventilation equipment manufacturers, headquartered in Europe with 24 sales offices across 15 countries.

VENTS manufactures a comprehensive range of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems of any complexity.

The product range includes over 10,000 items for residential, commercial, and industrial applications as well as various target groups.

The company employs around 3,000 people in facilities covering more than 645,000 square feet of production space.

VENTS™ is proud to be a part of the BLAUBERG Group of companies based out of Germany.

Brand Details

Fresh, clean air and a comfortable environment are two things that no one should be without, whether in your home or business – the importance of ventilation cannot be understated.

  • Wide range of products: Air Handling Units, ERV/HRV’s, Fans
  • Classic “Framed” construction and innovative “Frameless” modular construction
  • Hydronic/Electrical/Gas-Fired Heating & Hydronic/DX Cooling
  • Energy Recovery Wheels/Cores and Integrated Controls
  • AHU’s are available in 14 standard chassis sizes from ~800 to ~50,000 CFM.
  • ETL-listed and Eurovent-certified.


  • Semi-Custom Air Handling Units
  • ERV’s & HRV’s: Single-Room, Residential, Commercial, Controls
  • Fans: Inline Booster, Radon Mitigation, Destratification, Axial Wall, Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Ventilation Kits & Air Distribution Products

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