VENTS™ is one of the world’s leading fan production and ventilation equipment manufacturers, located in Europe. This unique enterprise controls the complete production cycle, manufacturing 99% of its assortment without referring to subcontractors. The company boasts more than 28,000 items in its product range, recent annual expansion exceeding 35% due to new models and innovations, and better than 75% growth in sales volume arising from extensive sales network development. VENTS™ employs around 2000 workers in facilities covering more than 645,000 square feet of production space.

Brand Details

Fresh, clean air and a comfortable environment are two things that no one should be without, whether in your home or business – the importance of ventilation cannot be understated.

  • Wide range of products: ERV’s, HRV’s, Fans, Ventilation Kits
  • High quality European production
  • All necessary materials for designing of complex ventilation systems
  • The high standards of customer care, regardless of the size of the order


  • ERV’s & HRV’s: Single-Room, Residential, Commercial, Controls
  • Fans: Inline Booster, Radon Mitigation, Destratification, Axial Wall, Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Ventilation Kits & Air Distribution Products

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