A SHARC (or PIRANHA, depending on your needs) is installed where wastewater exits, extracting & transferring heat to a holding tank that feeds your boiler.

By pre-heating the water fed to your hot water tank/boiler, it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the water and a tremendous amount of energy, money & GHG is saved.

If you need cooling, PIRANHA HC can also simultaneously dump heat into wastewater to reduce air conditioning requirements.

SHARC Energy Systems provide:

Industry-leading Return on Investment (ROI): Outstanding payback (particularly with hotter fluids), reduce capital costs, Carbon & Tax credits available

Rock-solid reliability: Superior high-volume wastewater filtration, low maintenance, remotely managed & monitored, 25+ year lifespan
Instant reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG): Highly applicable for sustainable building projects (eg. LEED), avoid unnecessary power generation, optimize resource consumption

Measurable Results: Accurate power consumption statistics, calculate GHG savings / emission reductions
Great Support: Guaranteed installation & operational success, Vancouver-based factory support

Please visit the following link for a Case Study on “Lake Louise Inn”, right here in Alberta:

Brand Details

SHARC Energy Systems was founded in 2010, with the goal of untapping the potential and benefits of wastewater heat recovery, with the first installation in 2012. Since that time, SHARC has been recognized with multiple international awards for Innovation, including: 2016 AHR & ARI Green Building Product of the Year, 2017 Green Gown Award for Innovation, and the 2018 Water Canada Project/Technology of the Year. Opportunities abound with increasing green conscience and scrutiny of resource consumption. New green laws mandating eco-compliance are the norm and SHARC has a leadership position in this new category of clean energy options.


  • SHARC Series: Industrial-Sized Wastewater Heat Recovery & Filtration
    • Energy Districts
    • Large Commercial & Mixed-Use
    • Energy Service Companies
    • Industrial applications
  • PIRANHA Series: The SHARC’s smaller cousin
    • All-in-one powerhouse that can perform simultaneous Heating & Cooling
    • Mixed Commercial/Residential
    • Hotel & Hospitality, Breweries
    • Hospitals, Community Activity Centers

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