• Stantec Tower

Project Overview

Stantec Tower is a 66-story, mixed use, high-rise in the heart of Edmonton, AB. It is one of Canada’s tallest office towers.

On the 29th floor of the tower resides a 46,000 CFM Custom Air Handling Unit. This dedicated outdoor air unit serves the commercial and office floors below.

The nature of this building presented multiple challenges. Hatch Company was able to work with Silent-Aire to provide a solution to each challenge.

The location of Stantec Tower presented two major challenges. With the building supplanted in the Edmonton ICE district downtown and the unit being on the 29th floor, the entire street had to be closed off to allow a crane to lift the unit. To add to this, the unit had to be of such magnitude that it could not reasonably be hoisted in one piece.

The best solution for these challenges was Silent-Aire. Being a local manufacturer had its advantages, allowing the units to be stored just outside of the city to be shipped in as soon as site was ready for them. On top of being local, the custom capabilities of Silent-Aire helped to facilitate a split design, so the pieces could be lifted individually then assembled in place.

The other main component of this project was quality assurance. Because this tower was being assembled around the unit no risks in terms of performance could be made. Before the unit could enter site, it had to pass a casing leakage test that did not exceed a specified leakage. Silent-Aire was able to perform these tests and meet requirements.

Throughout the tower Hatch Company was able to supply Rosemex hydronic heating products to satisfy the heating loads in mechanical spaces and vestibules.