• Royal Alex Place

Project Overview

Royal Alex Place is a wonderful example of how having access to the correct product, for a given application, is critical to any project.

This retrofit was initially designed around typical radiant ceiling panel.

As in most retrofits, there were unforeseen issues that required creativity to complete the project and meet the urban design concept.

The heating capacity of the specified radiant panel product was unable to satisfy the required heating demands of the building.

In a fully collaborative effort, Hatch company worked closely with Vital Engineering and Priority Mechanical to source alternate heating options to satisfy capacity requirement.

This was accomplished by proposing Runtal RC Ceiling Radiators.  The sleek and modern look of the Runtal product was in line with the design concept,  brought an aesthetically pleasing  look and did not occupy any of the limited floor space.

Hatch Company takes great pride in being a solutions provider even in the most difficult situations and strives to ensure the best service and support in the industry.