Klimak’s design team has around four decades of experience, and understands the demand for Air Handling Units of the highest quality.

Klimak specializes in Hospital Grade and Clean Room applications, Pool Dehumidification, Heat Recovery, and DOAS.

Hospital Grade features include 100% Washdown chambers, R20/R17 Double Wall Casing, UV Lamps, Epoxy-Coated Coils, HEPA Filtration.

Brand Details

Klimak’s 100,000+ Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility, located near Venice in Italy, is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and has manufacturing capacity of more than 1000 units per annum.

Klimak is uniquely positioned to service its customers with the following certifications:

  • AHRI 430 – Klimak AHUs are AHRI(ARI) 430 Certified
  • EN 1886 – Mechanical Performance with T2 – TB2 Ratings
  • H 6021 – AHUs for Hygienic Application
  • ISO 9001 for Design and Production of AHUs and FCUs


  • Hospital Grade & Clean Room AHU’s
  • Pool Dehumidification
  • Heat Recovery & DOAS

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